Fusion Ultra Grip - 500ml

Fusion Ultra Grip - 500ml

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Super Slick Surface? Paint it anyway!

Or how to make the impossible, possible using Ultra Grip.

Our Ultra Grip allows for Fusion™ to adhere to surfaces that are typically not for painting such as a lacquered surface, laminate, metal or glass.

This water based emulsion increases the adhesion of Fusion™ colours to glossy, hard to grip surfaces. Milky when wet, dries translucent with very good clarity.Test your methods and product combinations prior to applying in order to ensure desired effects. For optimum adhesion, clean the surface to be painted with T.S.P. and sand lightly to roughen the surface.

To Use:

Apply one very thin coat. Allow to dry for 12 hours before applying subsequent coats of Fusion™ colours. Clean up with water.

Because Ultra Grip is so strong, it can hold more texture, so if you apply it heavily with a brush, you will see brush marks, so apply thin and sparingly.

How Does It Work?

Applying a smooth coat of Ultra Grip will create little tiny, (invisible to the naked eye), peaks and valleys in you smooth surface, so it creates a ‘key’ for the paint to adhere to.

We like to think that Ultra Grip makes the impossible, possible.

When should you use Ultra Grip?

Well, if you are refinishing a laminate kitchen, Ultra Grip is you very best friend. No need to go to town on the sanding – although correct prep is ALWAYS advisable – a swift coat of Ultra Grip is what you need.

We like to apply Ultra Grip with our Microfiber rollers, (available at your local Fusion Merchant), for a super smooth finish with no brush strokes.

If you want to achieve a more rustic finish on you piece, apply the Ultra Grip with a brush as a thick base layer – this is a great look and fantastic method for moving away from slick to hand finished!

If you don’t want brush strokes, a light thin application is the way forward, or use a roller. It’s all down to the look you want in your final finish!

One word of warning – Ultra Grip is not for the impatient! You must allow 12 hours for this magical stuff to do its work and cure properly before applying your paint. But I promise you it is worth it