Staalmeester Pro-Hybrid Paintbrush Series 2022

Staalmeester Pro-Hybrid Paintbrush Series 2022

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PRO-HYBRID SERIES 2022 - Pointed sash paint brush 

This universal paintbrush is ideal for painting shaped profiles such as skirting, banisters, window frames, ledges, doors and furniture. The pointed head makes it perfect for edging work and cutting in.
The Staalmeester Pro-Hybrid series are characterised by their new 100% synthetic fiber. This mix offers, apart from its high absorptive capacity, a perfect balance and resistance for easy handling of the paint. The synthetic fiber is supple and soft, so that a stripe-less result is guaranteed.

  Suited for:
- Oil-based paints
- Water-based paints

Staalmeester have been manufacturing brushes for over 70 years.